MORE THAN A PHOTOGRAPHER. Jim is a creative visual artist and storyteller.  Both as an actor,  filmmaker, photographer and acting coach, his passion is to always reveal the intrinsic.  Regarding photography, he believes every image must tell a story... otherwise what's the point. 

BORN WITH AN ARTIST'S EYE. Jim focuses on uncovering the true nature and subtext of his subjects.  Can this be displayed in a still photograph?  His images prove it. These instincts are developed from decades of study in creative artistry through multiple disciplines. His sense of composition, color, mood and tonality create a unique style.  Certainly one that makes people sit up and take notice.

COLLABORATIVE. He connects intuitively with his clients and subject matter. He knows all art is really a collaborative.  Whether it be a director with an actor or painter with their canvas, without trust in the brush or the scene, revealing cannot take place... and art cannot begin. 

PROFESSIONAL. Jim is totally committed to creating quality, inspiring portraits and artistic images that elicit lasting and powerful impressions.  He creates not just remarkable work, but delivers a complete professional business approach.  His projects finish on-time, on-target and always surpass expectations.

If you're in the Albuquerque area or anywhere in New Mexico and looking for extraordinary portraits, architecture, interior, landscape, product or professional headshots, let Jim Blumetti Photography help you stand above the crowd with inspiring images none will soon forget. See Verified Reviews.

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